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Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

Elevate your sleep with our luxurious and organic bedding, for an unparalleled sleep experience

β€œIf it is recommended that we should spend around 1/3 of our life in bed, let's
make it the most cloudy, soft, silky, heavenly bed possible.”

Caitlin Clark, Founder of NAPP:

The softest night sleep you will ever have


The cross section of our organic bamboo fibre makes it ultra breathable. Unlike cotton which traps heat and moisture, bamboo fabric is ventilating. This allows it to regulate temperature, ensuring maximum comfort during the night.

Moisture Wicking

Napp fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and allows the moisture to be evaporated rather than just absorbing it into the fabric. This makes it fast drying and gives it anti-odour properties too.

Low Maintenance

Our fabric is durable. It can be washed and dried on low heat and does not require any fabric softener. It’s natural hypoallergenic properties make it perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Super Soft

Our Bamboo fibres have a similar feel to silk or cashmere. It glides over your skin, without static, making it one of the most comfortable and luxurious fabrics you will ever experience.

Why Choose Napp?

Luxurious Organic Bamboo

Experience premium comfort with our organic bamboo bedding.


Stay cool in summer, cozy in winter - our bamboo fibers adapt to your needs

Hypoallergenic & Fresh

Enjoy a healthier sleep with bamboo's natural properties.


Sleep Naturally, Wake Up Beautifully

Elevate Your Sleep Experience with Napp's

The benefits of a good night sleep are endless. From reduced stress and anxiety to improved readiness and memory, good sleep is a key to wellness

At Napp, we have experienced the difference a beautiful set of heat regulating, soft, breathable sheets can have on our sleep. There is no going back!

Breathe Easy, Sleep Peacefully

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